Counseling Department

The Counseling Department is an integral and essential part of the Central Catholic High School mission. In collaboration and association with all stakeholders, members of the department contribute to the human and Christian education and formation of the students entrusted to our care through programs that address the academic, spiritual, career, and personal development of all students and help ensure that they become responsible leaders in society. 

School Counseling Services
The school counselors strive to motivate each student to realize his intellectual, spiritual, and social potential. The school counselors deliver a variety of activities throughout the course of the school year which include classroom guidance lessons, group sessions, and individual counseling sessions. Academic, career, and social/emotional development are domains addressed by all the activities facilitated through the counseling office. Additional services include testing and college information and planning. Counselors are available to meet with students at their request. Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact their son’s counselor directly for further information related to their son’s development and progress at Central Catholic.

Counselor Assignments:
Mr. DiRenzo - Students last names (A-K)
Mr. Eller - Students last names (L-Z)

Counseling Calendar

College Counseling
The Director of College Counseling assists students with college and career choices. The Director coordinates and oversees the college application process for each student. A College Information Night and a Financial Aid Night are sponsored by the Counseling Department. The Director is available to meet with parents and students to discuss the process of applying to college.

Family Support Services
The Director of Family Support addresses the specialized needs of students. As a liaison between the family and the school, the Director assesses the dynamics of a student’s home environment and assists the student in making appropriate changes that would benefit the student while supporting the educational objectives of the school.

CCHS Parent Group
An organization of parents that work closely with the school’s faculty and administration, the CCHS parent group helps design and participates in efforts to prevent substance abuse among our students. Parents will form committees to work on publications, dances, family activities, and preventative programs. All interested parents are asked to contact Mr. James Donahue if interested.

Psychological Services
Central Catholic High School partners with Psychological and Counseling Center Inc. to meet the specialized needs of the students. Dr. Maura Krushinski, Ed.D., is on staff part-time to assist with school support initiatives (i.e. Student Support Team, CCHS Parent Group) and provide counseling services to students in both individual and group settings for issues concerning drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Students can be referred to the psychologist by a counselor, administrator, parent, or another student. 

Student Support Team
The Student Support Team (SST) is comprised of the Dean of Students, School Counselors, Director of Family Support Services, selected faculty, and the MAPs Counselor from the University of Pittsburgh. The team is chaired by the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs. The team meets regularly to review referrals of students who are experiencing dif­ficulties during their time here at Central Catholic. The primary purpose of the team is to determine what resources (in school or out of school) would best support the student in need and to create a plan to provide that support. The Student Support Team is NOT punitive, disciplinary, or diagnostic in nature. Referrals to the team are usually made by faculty or staff, but may also be received from parents or fellow students. Referrals can be made by completing a referral form, which is available in the Counseling Department, and submitting it to Mr. James Donahue.

Counseling Department Staff:

Mr. Philip DiRenzo - Director, Counseling Department, ’04
Office: 412.208.3434

Mr. James Eller - School Counselor
Office: 412.208.3433

Mr. James Donahue - Director of Family Support Services, ’03
Office: 412.208.3431

Dr. Maura Krushinski, Ed.D. - Psychologist
Office: 412.208.3459

Ms. Loren Gordon - Director of College Counseling

Office: 412.208.3447

Mrs. Kathy Ruggiero - Counseling Department Administrative Assistant
Office: 412.208.3487

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