CCHS Parent Group

The parent group is intended to provide a method for parents to engage each other in community. The primary goal is to help each parent grow and flourish in their role as a parent\ through social, educational and initiative related activities. All Central Catholic parents, and guardians are welcome and encouraged to join. Stay tuned to the weekly parent e-newsletters for more info on how to join and upcoming meeting times. 

“Parental involvement has a long and rich history of being studied. Decades of studies, many of them by Diana Baumrind, a clinical and developmental psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, have found that the optimal parent is one who is involved and responsive, who sets high expectations but respects her child’s autonomy. These “authoritative parents” appear to hit the sweet spot of parental involvement and generally raise children who do better academically, psychologically and socially than children whose parents are either permissive and less involved, or controlling and more involved. Why is this particular parenting style so successful, and what does it tell us about overparenting?” Read more.

Other resources and articles for parents:

Parenting Peak Performers Podcast
Ideas for parents in helping the children remove barriers to performance in relationships, well-being, health, careers and sport. 

How to Raise Successful Kids via Business Insider 

How to Raise More Grateful Children via the Wall Street Journal 

Renew the 'I Do'
Renew the 'I Do' s an emerging Foundation that strives to help marriage and families not only survive...but thrive! 

Parent Survival Skills Training
PSST is a place to share insight on teenage substance abuse issues. 

Al-Anon Family Groups 
Strength and hope for friends and families of problem drinkers. 

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
A nonprofit that supports families struggling with their son or daughter's substance use.

An online resource that focuses on celebrating personal integration and promoting solidarity beyond the LGBT+ paradigm.

EnCourage is a Roman Catholic apostolate for parents, friends and family members of loved ones with samesex attractions.

An online resource that helps provides facts and testimonies of the effects of pornography.

Protecting Your Family from Pornography
These pages were designed to raise awareness of the scouge of pornography, provide resources to protect your homes and to suggest some tips for tackling difficult subjects, such as sexuality and pornography, with your children.

Anxiety and Children 
Parents should be alert to the signs of severe anxiety so they can intervene early to prevent complications. 

Parents should be alert to the signs of depression so they can intervene early to prevent complications. 


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