The School Seal

Central Catholic’s coat of arms, which signifies it as an institution of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, administered by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, is composed of the shield and its elements surmounted by a cross and the motto beneath the shield.

The left side of the shield resembles the coat of arms of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, based on the coats of arms of William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, and of William Pitt, for whom Pittsburgh is named. To differentiate the diocesan coat of arms, a sword of gold has been added. The sword is the symbol of Saint Paul the Apostle, the patron of the Diocese and of the cathedral. The two rounded gold crosses are a Christianized version of plates found on Penn’s coat of arms. The entire left partition expresses the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

The right partition displays a silver star and a gold broken chevron. The silver star is taken from the seal of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools who administer and help staff Central Catholic. This seal, which can be traced to the Christian Brothers’ General Chapter of 1751, recalls the passage in the Book of Daniel (12.3) that says, “They that instruct many unto justice, shall shine like stars for all eternity.” The gold broken chevron is taken from the coat of arms of the House of De La Salle, the Spanish ancestors of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Above the shield is an Alisée Patée cross, reminiscent of the Flemish Gothic architecture of the school building, symbolizing the Christian principles taught at Central Catholic. The school motto, Pro Deo et Patria (For God and Country) appears below the shield.

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