Clifford E. Brown Library

The Clifford E. Brown Library is an inviting, state-of-the art facility designed to foster an engaging and interactive educational experience for Central Catholic students. The recent renovation enhances student learning by offering individual and group study areas, as well as comfortable seating for informal research and periodical review. Computer stations adjacent to the custom-made circulation desk offer students the use of technology in their pursuit of academic achievement. The library incorporates the latest in virtual and distance learning technologies in a setting that features a modern, open design. A newly equipped, sound proof television studio allows students to develop skills in audio-visual techniques by producing all school programs and announcements. A conference room for private meetings, energy efficient windows, and air-conditioning complement the renovated space.

The Clifford E. Brown Library is open each school day from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Any changes in the schedule will be posted on the door.

The Clifford E. Brown Library contains more than 12,000 books and over 100 audiovisual titles. It receives 20 magazines and two newspapers.

Library Policies

Reference books may be checked out on an overnight basis; they are due back the next school day before homeroom. Reserve books circulate only in the Library during the day, at the discretion of the teacher. All other books circulate for two weeks. Current issues of periodicals do not leave the library. Students may check out videos and DVDs. Students should present their ID at the desk when they wish to check something out. All materials may be renewed.

Reserve Books
Teachers may place books on reserve for class use. Some reserve books circulate overnight, while others do not. Students should check with their teacher. 

Overdue Materials and Fines
The fine for overdue materials is five cents per day. If, after several reminders, materials are not returned or fines paid, the student must pay for lost materials. 

Library Passes
If a student wishes to use the library during study hall, he must request a pass from one of his teachers. The student should then show the pass to the study hall proctor at the beginning of the period. Five minutes before the bell, the pass should be given to the librarian for her signature and the student should then return to study hall.

The library is off limits during lunch.

Students only need their student IDs to use the printer/copier. There is no charge.

Since the library is meant for quiet study, students may not converse or talk about schoolwork. Asking for paper, a pencil, or an assignment is not considered talking. If a student needs help with schoolwork, he should go to another area of the school.

Students may not chew gum, eat or drink in the library. Coats, lunch bags and book bags are not to be brought in to the library. If coming to the library during eighth period, students should leave their coats and book bags in their lockers.

When ready to leave, students should push in their chair, throw away any paper, and put back all newspapers and magazines. Any books not checked out should be given to the librarian.

Since all school regulations are in effect, students should be properly dressed at all times.

When using the Library computer resources, students must abide by the school computer policies at all times. Students are not to play games or otherwise misuse the computers and Internet resources. Internet searches should be confined to academic topics.


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